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With a career as a lawyer spanning over 25 years, Iacopo Tozzi is an expert of several branches of the law, among which family, inheritance, commercial and bankruptcy, both at national and international level.

Throughout the years, Iacopo Tozzi has gained significant experience in resolving for his clients complex national and cross-boarders jurisdictional issues in several EU countries, as well as the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the United States. Furthermore, within his track record of victories, Iacopo accounts also the unconventional application of foreign law before the Italian Court. Consequently, the Iacopo’s practice may also advise in identifying the most convenient country-specific jurisdiction for its clients’ needs.

Iacopo Tozzi has paved the way for innovative solutions to protect people and property across the spectrum of family law, leading to the application of international standards on the national panorama and winning complex cases, in first instance and on appeal. For these reasons, he regularly appears in the press and has high resonance in the media.

The Firm has a high level of expertise in substantial and complex commercial law disputes. Over the years Iacopo Tozzi has gained solid experience in corporate matters dealing with restructuring operations, planning, management and division of family assets.

Our clients are often high-profile individuals from the world of business, fashion and entertainment.

Our preference is to settle your matter quickly, amicably and fairly. However, if this is not possible, we will not shy away from fighting for you in Court. We will work with you to establish your litigation aims at our first meeting and proceed unto putting in practice the best possible strategy accordingly to your case.