Inheritance law, family heritage management and individual rights

Inheritance act claims, civil offenses, wills and asset divisions

Iacopo Tozzi has a profound experience of inheritance law and family planning, especially in the management of delicate negotiations between various family branches, both in extra-juridical and juridical matters.

The Firm provides expert legal advice on all matters relating to successions and wills, even when the inheritance and the division of cross-border assets may be challenged due to multi-jurisdictional conflicts.

This may include claims regarding the validity of a will, cross-border inheritance disputes, disputes with executors and complaints regarding lack of mental capacity. The Firm may also assist you if you believe that you have not been adequately provided a will, or when the deceased has not left a will at all.

The Firm can also assist you in drafting family agreements, trusts, and deeds of assignment in general.

Iacopo Tozzi also deals with compensation actions deriving from health responsibility and, in any case, with compensation actions for the protection of the person deriving from contractual and extra-contractual offenses.

We understand the emotional challenges that families can face when disputes arise over these issues so, we always combine the right balance of expertise, sensitivity and tenacity when facing these issues.

These activities may include, among others:

  • Advice on acceptance, acceptance with the benefit of inventory and renunciation of the inheritance;
  • Advice on inheritance matters related to minors (appeals to the tutelary judge to claim rights and property positions);
  • Advice on testamentary matters and testamentary trusts;
  • Judicial actions to protect legitimate heirs;
  • Action to challenge wills;
  • Procedures / activities related to inheritance litigation in general;
  • Compensation actions deriving from contractual and extra-contractual offenses.