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          Iacopo Tozzi

Iacopo Tozzi is the founder of the Firm. He carries out his activity in Italy, as a lawyer as well as a consultant for law firms and foreign clients, and is admitted to the Italian Supreme Court Bar and other Higher Jurisdictions.

Iacopo Tozzi was born in Florence and began his education in one Collegio la Querce, one of the most prestigious Italian boarding schools. Subsequently he graduated in law from the University of Florence with a thesis in international tax law. As soon as he graduated, he joined one of the oldest Florentine law firms dealing with banking, bankruptcy and family law. After a few years he founded an associated firm and also became a consultant for a well-known commercial law Firm based in Milan, gaining significant experience in commercial law matters, both in relation to extraordinary transactions, and in the planning and management of family assets, corporate litigation and succession as well as in bankruptcy. While doing so he continued to implement the sector of separations and divorces, also enriching his perspective of marital crisis when this involves entrepreneurs and corporate interests.

The experience gained in the field of corporate and family law has made him particularly versed in the management of family and marital crisis of entrepreneurs and their spouses, dealing, among other things, with numerous cases of national and international importance. In the matrimonial field, he has obtained innovative measures that have led to the application of international standards also within the national panorama suitable for shortening the procedure, both the procedures for the protection of parties and minors, obtaining pioneering pronouncements that have opened new solutions in jurisprudence, expanding the spectrum of rights available to people.

He carries out consultancy activities for companies in the commercial sector, receives assignments from the Court in matters of bankruptcy law, especially when family rights are also involved, and deals with extraordinary family division operations.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Iacopo Tozzi, while preferring friendly and fair resolution procedures for the dispute, aware of the delicate balances at stake, will not hesitate, where this is not possible, to resort to justice for the protection of customers' rights, maximizing their interests.

Iacopo Tozzi is often called upon to intervene in the mass media on family matters by giving interviews, participating in television programs as an expert on the subject.