Domestic and international family law

Separations, divorces, child custody and property agreements

Iacopo Tozzi’s firm has ample experience solving many and often complex issues that arise around divorce, child custody, cohabitation outside marriage and property agreements.

The Firm achieved in obtaining innovative sentences from various courts and has led to the application of international standards, significantly shortening the procedures for international couples residing in Italy or abroad.

Iacopo Tozzi has also gained considerable experience in the management of separations and divorces involving corporate and property interests located nationally and also in foreign countries.

The Firm deals with the drafting and application of economic agreements between spouses, including prenuptial agreements applying the rules of the EU regulations.

Each case is different, however just by way of example, the situations we may assist you will include:

  • Jurisdiction - where you bring your claims can make a huge difference.
  • Agreements (both pre-nuptial and post-nuptial) - protecting your assets in the event of a relationship breakdown can be crucial.
  • Children matters - the problems that most frequently arise are which parent the child will live with and how much time the child will spend with the other parent.
  • Liquidation of assets - after divorce.

These activities may include, among others:

  • Assistance in matters of judicial / consensual separation;
  • Assistance in matters of judicial / consensual divorce;
  • Action to modify the conditions of separation and divorce;
  • Action for the protection of cohabitants outside the marriage;
  • Action of denial and contestation of paternity;
  • Child recognition action;
  • Advice on de facto same-sex families and civil unions;
  • Advice on custody / placement of children born out of marriage;
  • Advice on the protection of minors (appeals to the Tutelary Judge, special guardianship, appeals for forfeiture / limitation of parental responsibility);
  • Donation advice;
  • Advice on the legal / property regime of the family in constitution;
  • Advice on cohabitation contracts and pre-nuptial agreements;
  • Assistance in the matter of compensation for intra-family damage;
  • Trust advice and protection / management of family assets;
  • Advice on family business and patrimonial funds.